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Cell Operated Handy Stitch

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Make Sewing Fun, Fast & Easy! Portable And Cordlless. The Power Of A Big Machine - Even Sews Through Denim! Repairs Delicate Fabrics like Silk. Battery Powered: Uses 4 "AA" Batteries (Not Included)


  • Note: Operate the machine for 10 seconds, and then pause for 5 seconds. It can then be used again regularly.
  • 1. Make sure the machine is in the locked position (see diagram on reverse side under “To Replace Batteries’). Raise the needle arm to the highest position by turning the rotary wheel.
  • Note: The rotary wheel can be turned in either direction (see diagram #1).
  • 2. Lift up the fastening plate making sure not to push down on the needle arm (the arm can still be moved manually even when the machine is in locked position). Place cloth underneath the fastening plate (see diagram #2).
  • 3. Pull at least 2 inches of thread through the needle, from back to front, prior to starting to sew.
  • 4. Hold the Handy Stitch with right hand and operate power switch with thumb, other fingers supporting the bottom (see diagram #3).
  • 5. Unlock machine (see diagram on reverse side under “To replace Batteries''). Press the power switch with your right thumb. The machine will feed the cloth at the left in proper tension automatically, use the left hand to hold the cloth and control the direction (do not rush the machine). When wider stitches are required, pull cloth to the left a little faster while you continue sewing. Follow the centerline on cloth fastening plate to ensure straight stitching (see diagram #4).
  • 6. To Finish Seam When working sewing, raise the needle arm to the highest position by turning & the rotary wheel. They use the back of a seam ripper or scissors to pull the thread out about 3 inches then cut it (see diagrams 5 and 6).
  • 7. Turn the rotary wheel, lowering the needle into the cloth & continue to turn the rotary wheel until the needle arm is again at its highest position.
  • 8. Lift up the fastening plate and take off the cloth to the left, making sure not to pull the thread or the seam will unravel.
  • 9. Turn to the back side of the cloth and guide the reserved 3 inches of thread according to the following figure to " make the knot (see diagram to the right):
  • (1) First pass the threader through the last stitch.
  • (2) Put the thread into the threader.
  • (3) Pull out about 1 inch.
  • (4) Guide the thread through the loop and pull it tight to finish the knot.
  • How to Thread Handy Stitch
  • Note: Thread should flow from the top right of the bobbin or spool. Spring must be in place before installing the bobbin.
  • 1. Thread the Handy Stitch according to the diagrams 7, 8 , and 9.
  • 2. Pass thread through the eyelet on needle arm (see diagram #7).
  • 3. Pass thread over top of tension control. Do not wrap completely around tension control (see diagram #8)
  • 4. Use threader to pass the thread through needle eye from back to front (see diagram #9).
  • Adjusting Thread Tension
  • 1. If stitching is too tight, turn tension control slightly to the left.
  • 2. If stitching is too loose, turn tension control slightly to the right. Z 30 v4
  • To Install a Normal Thread Spool (see diagram #10)
  • 1. Loosen the bobbin nut and take off the bobbin.
  • 2. Slide thread spool onto extension spindle.
  • 3. Connect the extension spindle on the bobbin shaft.
  • To Replace Needle
  • Loosen the set screw with a screwdriver and take off the old needle.
  • Always use a #14 style DHx1 sewing needle.
  • Needle must be installed with flat side of needle shank facing the front of Handy Stitch (see diagram #11).
  • To Replace Batteries (see diagrams below).
  • Note: Make sure the machine is in the locked position prior to battery replacement.
  • CAUTION: Needle is sharp. Use care when working with needles to avoid injury. Keep away from children. When not in use, the machine should always be kept in the locked position.
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Cell Operated Handy Stitch

Rs.1,850.00 Rs.1,450.00